Singular Approach to growth Investing

We offer clients top-level expertise thanks to our teams’ seniority, synergies and professionalism.

Creative Idea generation

Our investment teams follow a value investment philosophy, in combination with a disciplined investment process designed to generate sustainable risk-adjusted returns

Investment performance

With global scale, deep knowledge and advanced technology, we have a view into $38.6 trillion of assets* and one of the largest data sets in the financial world, giving us a truly unique perspective

The latest at Lux Investment Management

Our philosophy is to manage our investments to capture maximum upside but also downside protection. We offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions, from investment funds to illiquid assets, to provide right answers to your needs.

L.I.M understands the complex investment needs of institutions and individuals. Through constantly changing financial markets, LIM prides itself on providing products and solutions designed to meet the investment objectives of our clients.

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L.I.F Highlights

Human-scale Investing

The human dimension in our business is essential.

For us, it is key to foster a healthy team spirit within the firm and strong relations with our clients and partners.

We translate your financial success into a series of financial milestones, specific assets or levels of net worth to be reached at each stage of your life