Singular Approach to growth Investing

Our active investment approach has provided the foundation for our concentrated growth.

Creative Idea generation

Our investment personnel are global generalists and typically focus on several areas of interest, allowing them identify opportunities others might miss

Investment performance

We aim to provide our investors with attractive investment returns through access to a steady stream of fully franked dividends and medium to long term capital growth..

The latest at Lucent financial service

At any given time, there’s only ever so much you know for certain about your financial future. One of these is just how uncertain that future can feel.

Lose your job or come face-face with unforeseen emergency expenses and you could quickly be thrown off course. Unfortunately LFS can’t offer a crystal ball that predicts these hurdles fortunately , we provide numerous other ways to invest in your financial future ranging from stock, forex, crtyotocurrencies among other .

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Lucent Financial Services Highlights

LFCoin is hitting the market soon and the aim is to be the first cryptocurrency to help sort out utility bills, transportation among others.

Presently we are having series of meeting with Blockchain officials to make LFCoin centralized. More information coming soon.

Our aim is to clearly understand your financial values, aim and concern. Assist you with an action plan to accomplish, invest in and build a portfolio of sustainable investment. With Honesty, transparency and accessibility as our business model and innovation code