Hedge Funds

Lux Investment Management hedge fund products and services provide a complete 360° view of the industry, including institutional investors' plans for hedge fund investments, fundraising, performance, fund managers, fund terms and more. Our data and services are hugely beneficial to a wide range of professionals working in the hedge fund industry.



Hedge fund management

Individuals wishing to invest in hedge funds must meet income and net worth requirements. Hedge funds can be considered high risk because they pursue aggressive investment strategies and are less regulated than many other types of investments. Our Hedge fund managers  use multiple strategies to maximize returns for our firms and clients. One popular strategy is using something called global macro investing



  • Source new investors for funds
  • Access in-depth hedge fund profiles
  • Compare funds with customizable benchmark
  • Identify Investment opportunities
  • Conduct competitor and market analysis 

Clients Benefits of Lux Investment Management Hedge Funds

Through the years, hedge funds have evolved from an investment vehicle for wealthy individuals into a tool used by institutional investors – state and corporate pensions, university endowments, non-profit foundations – to help manage investment risk, diversify portfolios and produce reliable returns over time.
  • Investment In Hedge funds
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Risk Management
  • Reliable Returns